How to jumpstart a car

Jump Start A Car

Jump starting a car with weak batteries are quite straightforward.

NOTE : Try to use Donor cars which are a larger engine capacity to make the jump start easier. Actually, displacement/engine capacity is not important. Just a rule of thumb for the size of the alternator… For example, in this article, the donor car is a classic Mini Cooper with upgraded 65W Alternator, enough to jump start almost any street cars.

1) Make sure all Power Consuming items are switched off. (AirCon, Fan, Room Lights, Headlights, Boot are closed)
2) Connecting the Jump Start Cable with the correct Polarity..

3) Connect the same to the ‘donor’ car.
4) Rev up the engine of the Donor car up to at least 3000 rpm before attempting to Crank up the car.

Locate the +VE post of the car battery. Usually clearly marked in Red.
The -VE post of the battery is marked in Black or with thick black wires.

Here are the standard Jumper Cable… RED and BLACK
DO NOT USE/DIY any standard electrical cables for Jump Start.. It will catch fire..  Unless, the DIY cables are at least 4 gauge.. 0 gauge are the best..

Correct the Red crocodile clip to the +VE post of the battery. And Black clip to the -VE of the battery. Alternatively, you can connect to any engine part that is closes to the engine starter motor.

Or as indicated by the Mitsubishi Lancer, this metal plate on top of the ECU is the best position.

Locate the battery from the donor car (they are not always positioned in front of the car) and make sure you have enough length on the jumping cable.

Connect to the donor car.

Best to start up the donor car first and rev the engine up to 3,000 rpm to charge up the battery a little before attempting to jump start.