DIY Tinting of 3rd Brake Lights

Tinting 3rd Brake Lights

Some cars came with just plain, translucent 3rd brake lights. There are many creative colours out there where you can tint them into. Some people like them smoked with dark tints, some are more creative with colours. Whatever it is, just make sure that the 3rd brake lights are visible and still maintain it RED to serve it’s purpose.

Here’s the visual guide on how to make your own tinted 3rd brake lights.

Items needed :
– Transparent Sticker. RM 7 per foot. (12 inches) enough to DIY 8 cars !! = less than RM 1 per car.

Time Spent :
– 30 Mins

– Medium


It will be easier to first remove the 3rd brake lights from the car. Shown here is the 3rd brake light for 4B11 (Lancer, Inspira and EvoX)

After the 3rd brake light is removed, remove the rubber piece around it.

Here is the transparent Sticker I used.. enough for 8 DIYs  !!!

Just a tiny strip is needed. Here I cut out 1 inch

Sticking to the Brake light is easy.. on the sides, do use hair dryer to heat the sticker up and soften it for maximum effect on the curvy sides.

DONE !!!

Install the rubbers back in place. NOTE : it has directions/sides.. take note of the 4 small groves on the rubber.

Install everything back to the car… and test.

Do also check if the cable is installed properly and the lights are working.

Job Done!