Wheel arch sound damping

Modern Japanese cars these days have pretty awesome handling and accessories but a bit lacking around the NVH part (Noise, Vibration and Harshness). Mainly it’s caused by lightweight materials such as aluminium and plastics used in non structural parts to shave weight, mainly around the wheel arch or wheel well. Here’s a simple method to reduce the sound.

Items needed :
– 1 can of Bitumen (RM 12.50 for dunlop brand)
– 1 roll of Alluminium Foil (RM 3.50)
– 1 Brush (RM 2.00)
– Some superlon or foam (Optional)

Time Spent :
– 120 Mins

– Medium – Hard


Firstly, you need to jack the car up..

Slowly, remove all the Plastic ‘rivet’ fasteners…

Depends on what car you are having, the combination of fasteners maybe different.

Some maybe bolts, plastic screws or thread-less rivets

All of those fasteners and nuts when it is all removed. Noticed all the proper tools used to remove them to avoid damaging it..

Wheel Arch on the floor, taken out fully. As you can see, it is just a thin 2mm layer of plastic

Start to paint it using the Bitumen. Careful to not let it stain the floor

3mm thick Bitumen.. This is only the first layer… it will be a bit spongy when it is dried. Good for sound damping.

Next, layer some aluminium foil and continue ‘painting’ bitumen on it. Bitumen are really sticky, it will stick easily and you can put more layers of bitumen on it.

Everything done… Leave it in the sun to dry. It is now around 5mm – 9mm thicker than original. And when you knock on it lightly, it sounded like a PVC water tank, instead of empty milk carton. I tested to knock the other side which is yet to be ‘painted’ and this one, the differences are too great… very happy with it..

Job done. Install it back carefully in reverse order.