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Kaki DIY is an online space for DIY enthusiasts to collaborate, share and provide services to others.

KakiDIY is a direct translation from a Malaysian slang “Kaki” means Buddy and also a Hokkien slang which sounds like “Yourself”. The meaning is synonymous with DIY so it was chosen to be the ‘brand’ for the site.

Here are our Top 5 recent posts. You can easily find the other postings from the navigation bar, sorted into categories.

  • Dremel 4300 Unboxed - Watch our simple Dremel 4300 unbox video.
  • UNICEF’s Childhood Disability #thisability - KakiDiY and Mycro Engineering have been the supporting partners with UNICEF Malaysia in this wonderful initiative providing our solutions in realising the teams’ prototypes into actual products.
  • MDEC mydigitalmaker Fair - KakiDIY Community operated a pavilion over in MDEC MyDigitalMakerFaire, KLCC Convention Centre running 3D printing workshops, VR and AR Workshops, Commercial IOT Drone applications exhibition.
  • KakiDIY x Astro Xiao Tai Yang - KakiDIY collaborated with IDiscoveryWorld is at Astro Xiao Tai Yang’s #playtolearn family day! Function exhibition at IDiscoveryWorld and activities by KakiDIY for all the 800+ visitors (8 groups). We all had a fun time..
  • MHsN MakerFest @ The Garage KL - KakiDIY is proud to host this year’s Malaysian Home School Network MakerFest at our Makerspace home in The Garage KL