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Kaki DIY is an online space for DIY enthusiasts to collaborate, share and provide services to others.

KakiDIY is a direct translation from a Malaysian slang “Kaki” means Buddy and also a Hokkien slang which sounds like “Yourself”. The meaning is synonymous with DIY so it was chosen to be the ‘brand’ for the site.

Here are our Top 5 recent posts. You can easily find the other postings from the navigation bar, sorted into categories.

  • Fix It! With Me.reka Makerspace- KakiDIY’s Kakirepair is teaming up with Biji-Biji’s Me.reka Makerspace inconjunction with their Fix It! weekend to run our first KakiRepair in 2019. It will be happening on Jan 12th (Saturday) and Jan 13th (Sunday) in Me.reka Makerspace Publika, from 2pm – 4pm (KakiRepair Session). Do check out all other interesting activities that weekend as well. […]
  • KakiRepair during ARDC- KakiDIY were one of the sponsors of ARDC and as part of the activity, we ran KakiRepair
  • Inovasi Hijau : KakiDIY’s TV show on National TV- In collaboration with cCubeTV, KakiDIY scripted and our founder Johnson Lam together with Malaysia’s popular TV Host/Actress Juliana Evans hosted a 13 episode edutainment TV show.  It was aired in late June 2018 weekly, every Friday on TVOkey or ASTRO 109 by National TV Channel RTM. Although the season is over now, viewers can still […]
  • Inovasi Hijau : Episode 01- Inovasi Hijau is KakiDIY’s first TV Show in collaboration with CcubeTV to produce a DIY Upcycling TC Show for RTM. Here’s Episode 1 where Johnson Lam met up with long time friend Juliana Evans after she got back from studying abroad and interested to see what Johnson is doing back here with the upcycling DIY […]
  • AutoDIY – a Autobuzz.my and KakiDIY Collaboration- KakiDIY started from automotive DIY many years ago, and now we are back into what we were good at. Automotive DIY was always our founder Johnson Lam’s passion.