Wall Plug DIY

Running out of wall plugs? Or having a size that is too large or too small? Here’s a simple DIY to make your own wall plug that fits and you get to continue with your home improvement DIYs.

Here’s one wall plug which is too large for the drilled hole. Size 8 wall plug for a size 6 hole.

Just grab some old 13A wires which you can easily find at home.

Cut off the outer insulator.

Slice the insulator on one side to spread the insulator out.

This is what it looks like after slicing one of the sides out.

Push the insulator into the drilled hole. Overlap the insulator in a tube shape and make sure it is tight and pushed all the way into to the hole.

Cut away the excessive end for a flushed result.

Now you can screw in the screws you needed for the wall plug. Test it to make sure it is fitting in tightly

Job DONE! Thanks to Jacky Photography for this awesome DIY.