So, you wanna start an Internet of Things project

So…you have an idea about an IoT project or maybe you don’t have yet… What is Internet of things you may ask? KakiDIY like to put things into 3s (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse… for example) IoT is summarised to things, gadgets and equipments connected anytime, anywhere and anything. Meaning, via the usage of Internet, anything that is able to tap on it can communicate with each other. Making real time automation work.

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How to jumpstart a car

Jump Start A Car

Jump starting a car with weak batteries are quite straightforward.

NOTE : Try to use Donor cars which are a larger engine capacity to make the jump start easier.¬†Actually, displacement/engine capacity is not important. Just a rule of thumb for the size of the alternator… For example, in this article, the donor car is a classic Mini Cooper with upgraded 65W Alternator, enough to jump start almost any street cars.
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