In Car Tablet Mount

Tablet mounts in car sold off shelf are usually not flushed or bulky or flimsy or all of the above. Here’s a simple guide to make a flushed In Car Tablet Mount. It’s cheap, easy and looked quite flushed for under RM 5.00. Pictures and guides follows…

Items needed:
– Wiring Duct
– Hack Saw
– Sharpie
– Sand Paper
– Paint
– Epoxy Glue
– Masking tape/electrical tape
– Foam Tape

– Measure the total length of the area you want to cover your tablet with (i.e. the two sides and bottom) then cut the piece to length

– measure the bends and mark them again (i.e. where the duct should bend 90 degrees)
– When measuring, ensure you do not block the charger.

– Measure the depth of the wiring duct (in this case 1cm) and mark AFTER the first marking you made for the measurements to make space for the 90 degree bend

– Carefully flex the duct so it moves freely. Use a lighter to warm the duct up to get it to cooperate.

– make a 90 degree bend and press it down as hard as you can.
– check for large gaps on one side, if yes, you may have to do it again.

– Apply the epoxy mixture to the joints as smoothly as you can. this is to reduce the time taken to sand it down.
– Leave the epoxy to cure for at least 24 hours
– Dry = dries on the outside but is still soft on the inside usually you will get 5-10% adhesive strength
– Cure = inside and out is hardened and ready for use.
– Please do note that due to the high humidity of our country, although the instructions on the label of the epoxy says it will be cured in 8 hours, leave it at least 12 to 24 hours.

Signed, made by BDC specially for KakiDIY

Flushed mount, done.

A minor touch to make it neat. A little cable management clip to securely and neatly keep the charging cables away.

And you are done! Happy DIYing.