DIY Tinting of 3rd Brake Lights

Tinting 3rd Brake Lights

Some cars came with just plain, translucent 3rd brake lights. There are many creative colours out there where you can tint them into. Some people like them smoked with dark tints, some are more creative with colours. Whatever it is, just make sure that the 3rd brake lights are visible and still maintain it RED to serve it’s purpose.

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Grounding : Fundamental

The basics of any electrical circuit is to have electric current complete a round trip from +VE to -VE of the power source; in this case, the car battery or the alternator +VE point and the -VE are usually grounded to the car body.

Sometimes, the connections are not conducting well especially when aged and contact points get corroded. Additional grounding cables are needed to help improve electrical performance in the car.

This article ¬†will measure the resistance value of a NEW car and the results after grounding. Continue reading “Grounding : Fundamental” »