Microbots (BristleBots) made simple

These microbots looked familiar? You can easily see them in major toy stores. Here’s how you can make them using easily available household products.

We got our vibrating motor from Singapore MakerFaire’s MakerKit. But, you can easily get them from dissecting an old phone. (E.g. Nokia :D)

As you can see, the MakerKit from Singapore MakerFaire includes a small vibrating motor to make “DIY Spinnerooni”. But you can reuse the motor for this project as well. Or, just dissect an old mobile phone for it’s vibrating motor.

Just break the bristle part of the toothbrush. This is the only part we need from it. Using a new toothbrush will be more hygienic. Easily available from Hotel rooms when you travel. Else, you can use a used toothbrush, just bleach it first to kill of germs.

If the bristles are narrow, it will be hard to stand, help it by flattening it like this. (Kids, don’t do these to your toothbrushes if you are not going to make DIY BristleBots… Mom and Dad would be furious!)

Just attach the vibrating motor to the top front end of the bristle. Just use glue or strong double sided tape.

And for the battery, just ensure the wirings are carefully contacted with the battery. (Polarity isn’t important as the motor will just turn a different direction with reversed polarity)

And you are DONE!

Here’s how it looked like in action!