Raspberry Pi Case from Business Card Box

Raspberry Pi seems to be picking up in popularity, especially for Makers, Hobbyist and people who like to tinker and wanna explore new ways to create things.

The board itself is inexpensive and usually the next thing you look for when you get the board is a case to protect its pins and fragile electronics.

Here, KakiDIY is showing you how to make your own for almost no cost at all. Reusing just a Business Card Box!

Here are all the tools needed. Cutting holes are the only major DIY that is needed. We are using our beloved KakiDIY Rotary cutter from Proskit. However, using basic tools like a Blade and handheld drill will work too.

As you can see, the board will be sitting tightly into the box once the holes are cut for the ports to poke through. So let’s get to work!

Markings were made on the box to guide the cutting process later.

Rotary cutting tool in action. Carefully making holes on the box to cut out the holes according to the markings for the port

Here are the holes before polishing the debris away.

Now working on the Network port and USB ports.

Don’t forget the SD Card slot too!

Crude… but it fitted in nicely!

Now for the cover/upper part of the box. Noticed that only the middle 2 USB ports are marked for cutting. It is because this pi will be only using 2 USB ports and the others are not needed. If you need more ports, go ahead, mark and cut them away.

As an extra, I also cut out the top part of the original Raspberry Pi 2 box to use it as a branding cover for the top. You can use anything to add BLING to your case.