Steel Storage Rack Install

Want a Storage rack that is rather inexpensive and can last as long as those you see in hardware stores? Well here is a DIY guide on building that exact type for your house at a low cost. This rack is 5 feet high, 3 feet long and 2 feet deep which provides ample space for storing things.

Things Needed
what you will need.
– Steel Bars:
4×5 feet
8×3 feet
– Plywood: (usually comes in 8×4 feet)
cutting it to size, you will get the following
3ftx2ft = 4pcs
2ftx2ft =2pcs (you wont be using it)
– Also approximately 70 bolts and nuts
– a wrench (or if you are lazy then a porta drill with a wrench attachment and another wrench to hold the other end tight
– a mallot or hammer
Cross-member Installation
step 1:
– make sure the 2 5ft bars have their holes alligned. if not, you will need to adjust them to fit (the holes are not round so they can move about)
step 2:
– for the highest point on first but hand tighten everything. (ensure there is a little gap on the top so the wooden bottoms have a place to sit.)
– then connect the lowest point of the rack the same way. check to ensure it is balanced. (how far apart you want them is totally up to you.
– proceed with the other 2 bars.
step 3:
– do the same for the other 2 5ft bars.
3ft Bar Connection (how to place the bolts)
step 4:
– bolt on the 3ft bars to one of the sides
– make sure both sides are on.
– to connect the 3ft bar, bolt on one bolt to the side and one to the top to ensure it is stable
Completed Shelf
Step 6:
– stand the shelf up and ensure everything is straight. use a mallot and lightly tap the places that need adjustments.
Step 7:
– tighten everything
step 8:
– insert the planks into the shelves carefully (this is the hard part) they will fit snugly.
Estimate Price:
Steel Bars: RM15 Per 10 Feet
9mm PlyWood (8Ftx4Ft): RM40
Bolts & Nuts: RM0.70
Workmanship to cut to size: RM10