Gadget Skinning

Bored of the way your mobile device looks? Well, skinning is a great option and what better way than to do it yourself? Here is how to do it and make it look professional.


Things needed:
1. Sharp scissors
2. Vinyl sticker
3. Sharp blade
4. Post it note
5. Lighter
6. Pencil

Step 1:
– Stick a post it note to the top of your device where the camera is.
– Draw a cross on it and mark the side of your tab where the cross is (this is used to align the post it note later on when cutting the camera hole)
– Trace out the camera and flash hole as accurately as you can.
– Cut the holes in any design you wish (I made an egg shape)
– Put this aside


Step 2:

– Cut the vinyl slightly larger than the device, this will make it easier to put on.


Step 3:
– Before applying vinyl, test fit the sticker once again


Step 4:
– As you apply, rub the sticker one inch at a time to ensure no bubbles appear.
– If there are bubbles, pull up that inch and try again.


Step 5:

– Once the entire vinyl is on, rub it down properly to ensure proper adhesion to the device.

Step 6:

– Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut the access stickers off by sliding the scissors across the side. Avoid stopping as it will leave a notch, slowly cut the rounded edges off to fit.


Step 7:

– Take your camera template and align the lines of the cross you made to the sides of the tab that is marked

– Using a pencil, trace out the hole you made


Step 9:
– Remove the template and cut the hole as accurately as possible.


Step 10:

– Run a lighter through every half inch of the sides of the device slowly.

– Once you have reached half an inch, stop and give that soft area a hard press (please dab the area with your fingers and dont rub it as it will wrinkle.)

– Keep repeating it until you have covered the entire radius of the device

– Run the flame on the entire back of the device too to ensure proper adhesion to the device.



– use the blue part of the flame and not the yellow as it is harder to control the rate of softening.

– dont use a jet lighter

– if the vinyl does not soften up, you are moving too quickly.

– if the vinyl melts/ your device starts catching fire, your moving too slow.


Step 11:
– Take a picture and tag your friends showing the professional job you just did