So, you wanna start an Internet of Things project

So…you have an idea about an IoT project or maybe you don’t have yet… What is Internet of things you may ask? KakiDIY like to put things into 3s (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse… for example) IoT is summarised to things, gadgets and equipments connected anytime, anywhere and anything. Meaning, via the usage of Internet, anything that is able to tap on it can communicate with each other. Making real time automation work.

Imagine opening your fridge and you just drank the last bottle of milk, your fridge will send you a message on list of items you should be buying added back to the fridge. If you are set to approve it, it will automatically contact your local grocery store, making the purchase and get it send to you when you are home (knowing when you are home)… That’s the Internet Of Things.

Thinking to build one and don’t know where to start to make your first prototype? here’s some place to start.

Here’s our very own RPi 2 booting up.


With raspberry pi alone won’t cut it. Adding an IO controller like an Arduino board will then help controlling and sensing more inputs and output.

Other reference sites :

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KakiDIY is actively in building projects and prototypes on IoT lifestyle solutions. We displayed a few of our works in Maker Faire and Intel GeekCon. Those visited us before would be familiar with our automated Photobooth. We will explain in another article, how we got it working.