Plastic Dipping Mobile Devices

Plastic Dip is gaining its popularity over its rubbery after effects and mainly because the paint can later be removed leaving no harm to the original surface. Perfect for temporarily changing colours of your gadgets or as some car enthusiast does, the whole car is sprayed with plastic dip!

For today’s DIY, lets plastic dip a mobile gadget : The Yes4G Huddle XS

Items needed :

– Gadget itself (Huddle XS)
– A can of Plastic Dip (any colour)
– Masking tape
– Old newspapers

We will begin by covering the tiny air vents on the side of the Huddle XS. Don’t worry about having to mask line between the white and the black surface on the huddle, just make sure the vents are covered. It is because, plastic dip can be easily removed by rubbing it off later, we just don’t want to paint to enter the vents.

Once you are done, make sure the spraying can is properly shaken up, do a few test sprays to ensure there are no blockage.

Hold your spray can about 20cm-30cm from the Huddle XS and in a consistent sweeping movement, spray a thin layer of coat. This step is very important: Let the thin later dry up around 1 minute and then spray another layer on it. If you don’t allow the first coat to dry up first, blobs of unevenly painted surface may appear.

Repeat this step until you get around 5 – 6 layers of paint on it. Do take note that the more layers you add on, the longer you have to wait for the paint to dry up. A general rule would be to add an extra minute to every additional layer you add.

Do make sure you also spray around the sides to also get the paint on the brim and bezel of the Huddle XS.

As I want to retain the branding of Yes4G, I stopped at around 5 – 6 layers, but you can continue adding additional layers to totally have a solid colour over the device (Note, more layers are needed for lighter coloured paint)

Once it’s dried up. (After 5mins), you can gauge by looking at the surface. The paint will turn matte and less reflective when it’s dry. You can then peel off the masking tape covering the vents. At this stage, you will also realised the spill over paint on the black bezel which is missed by the masking tape is peeled away together too.

And we are done for the top part. Repeat the same for the bottom part of the Huddle XS to complete the whole process. As this post was made to experiment on Plastic Dip, we went ahead to power up the device to ensure that everything is working fine as normal.

Once you completed both sides of Plastic Dipping, you are done!

But here, we want to show you how to remove the Plastic Dip and whats the after effects of removing the paint.

You start by rubbing the edge of the paint a few times until the sides starts to peel off. Once it’s peeling off, you can gently just tear it away from the surface of the Huddle XS.

The Plastic Dip will peel off from the Huddle XS as if it was laminated with a rubber balloon!

And here’s the end result, it looked as if nothing had been done to the Huddle XS once it is removed.

The Plastic Dip can be used as a protector to your devices, making them somewhat water resistant and also decorating and making your device unique from others.

Give it a try! These Plastic Dip can be easily available on most hardware stores.