Cleaning Fungus from Lens

Canon EF 50mm II. One of the most affordable, nice quality and widely owned lens among Canon users.  Since it is also quite cheap, sending it for repairs/cleaning at a cost will not be so cost effective. Why not DIY ?

Basic cleaning and even fungus infested lens like this can be easily cleaned by following these careful steps.

These articles was written back in 2008 and was copied over from my main blog site.  This is my 50mm. I live in a mountain side near to the sea. It is very humid around there and fungus grows almost everywhere. Walls, picture frames, wine bottles…and of course, the Lens too.

Look at the fungus in my 50mm.

Let’s get started. Get yourself some Micro Screwdrivers and a pair of Tweezers. Work in a clean, oil free place with bright lights.

First, remove the 2 screws at the mount of the lens.

Picture showing the 2 screws.

After the screws are removed, use a tweezers to push the contact points of the 50mm. The contact point cluster will fall into the lens case. Don’t worry, it is suppose to happen that way.

Now, gently use a screw driver to ply the plastic ring around the contact point cluster.

Here is the picture showing the ring removed.

Next, remove the lens in the middle. Just gently twist anti-clockwise. (It has a little catch to lock it in place)

Lens removed.

You can see the Fungus on this lens

Use a Lens Cleaning Solution for the job.

And a soft cotton bud. Clean the lens inside out.

Also clean the other lens attached to the case.

When you are done. Make sure there are no dust or cotton left in the lens. Use a blower to blow away particles. Install everything back in reverse order.


Clean lens !!!  Here are the results.