KakiDIY Concept Door Lock Unlock Beeps

Door Lock Beeps

Most cars (Japanese Cars) these days somehow don’t come with any audible beeps when you lock or unlock the car via remote. Some manufacturer even reverted to use the car’s horn as an audible signal to indicate door locks/alarm activation which is kinda annoying.

My first draft was sketched on my SmartPhone.. but it was just a sketch so I redo it in PowerPoint… (the next available tool I had on my new notebook)

I made 2 versions.. 1 is very very simple.. just need a normal relay with a Siren… HOWEVER, version 1 will also sound the alarm when your Hazzard light is ON.

Version 2 is to bypass the circuit when the Hazzard light is ON…

Scenario (For version 2) :
– Lock : BEEP !
– unLock : BEEP BEEP !
– Alarm sound : BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP…..
– Hazzard light : No sound..

How it works :
– Basically Simple concept… When you turn.. no sound…
– When both Signal Lights are oN.. BEEP !
– When alarm sounds, both signal are lited.. so it will sound..
– When you turn on the Hazzard lights, the 2nd Relay (which is a default ON will be OFF) and cut off the alarm sound

Anyway.. Happy DIYing.. i would probably do version 1 sooner.. as I will hook it up in the Rear Boot area.. with the Siren hidden under the rear Bumper… Version 2 will need to relocate the siren to the front to reduce wiring…


Updated 18th Aug 2008. DIY Completed.

Here are the items used
– 1 Alarm/Siren for car
– 2 x Relays
– Long wires

NOTE : I got this all Free from halfcut shop. Sire is probably RM 15, Relays RM 2 per piece in shops.

I wire the Siren from the boot space as accessing to the wirings and hidding the relays are easier.

Look at the wire that connects to the REAR signal.

BLACK is Ground
BLUE/GREEN is the Signal +VE cable.

Tap your +VE from BLUE/GREEN

Here, I hide the Siren under the rear bumper. Front facing.. so the siren sound comes from under the car.. hehe.