Cleaning Air Con Filter

Cars these days mostly comes with air-con filters to protect dust and other unwanted particles to enter the air-con system such as cooling coils, fan blowers and the vents. Which maybe labour intensive to get them cleaned.

The replacement filter may be blocked over time causing air-con to be blowing less air or at times even warmer than normal. Replacement filters are usually not hard to find and they may be costly depending on the popularity of your car.

However, where are ways to clean them for FREE. Let’s get started >>

Tools required :
– Vacuum Cleaner
– Flathead screwdriver

Time needed :
– 5 to 10mins

STEPS: To access the air con filter, you need to take off the glove box. The demo car here is the Mitsubishi Lancer (4B11 which is the same for Inspira, Lancer, ASX and EvoX)

Open the glove box… First, detach the little hook on the left of the box

then detach the one on the right.

then, remove the little pneumatic piston that dampens the glove box opening and closing..

After which, you can just open the glove box all the way down and remove the whole box totally.

You can see the Fuse Box on the left and the AirCon mumbo-jumbo on the right.

Use a flathead screwdriver to detach the AC Filter Cover.

There, the cover just come off with ease. You can see the filter in there…

Here is the first shot of the filter coming out… oh my.. it is dirty..

A little knock knock… and most of the debris fell out…
It is kinda dirty because I usually drive with Fresh air + air blower on in the morning..


NOTE : Use vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the filter… NEVER wash this one or contact with water as it contains activated charcoal… contacting with water will spoil it..

DONE… clean.. and.. smells nice ?? hahah..