KakiDIY DIY Oil Filter Magnet

Magnetized Oil Filter

I saw this product “Magnetrap” sold in service centers.. and it is to be installed at the Oil Filters to trap rust and other metal debris that is in the car engine… I was thinking.. what is the use of that if the whole engine is aluminum ??

Anyway… just then, it gave me an idea to DIY a product that does the same thing at 1/10 th of the cost.. or.. ALMOST FREE.

Items needed :
– Magnets (FREE ?)

Time Spent :
– 20 Mins

– SUPER Easy

Concept is simple… Magnets… Not those weak Fridge Magnets. But those Industrial strength magnets. Here are some :

– Hard Disk Magnets (Scroll to the end of the post, to know how to get them free)
– Electric Motor Magnets
– Magic Healing Neodymium Magnet (from lelong.com.my) I don’t know what they are.. but they are shiny, and I got mine, i got 14 of them, from China when I was there…. they are cute and cheap RM0.50 per pair.. so i bought some for fun… Never knew that they are selling them here for RM 70 per pair !! (Suppose to have healing power) hmm.. no wonder I am healing and strong..

Here are the magnets I was talking about. They are really strong. Any other magnets are fine. Of course, flat magnets are better.

For this example, I used a Proton Oil Filter which I borrowed from a mechanic friend near my house. Note, Mitsubishi Lancer’s oil filter is smaller than that. Wonder why..

Here is the layout of how you can Maximize magnet power if you have lots of magnets.

Here is the layout if you have Flat magnets. Which is sufficient enough as Lancer’s Oil filter is upside down.

Upside down test!! Of course, when you drive around, it might be bouncy, you will need to fasten these round magnets.

For flat magnets, they are really strong. It can be firmly stuck at the bottom.

If you need to stick them, you can use EPOXY Glue or Industrial Strength double sided tape. No worries, magnets are cheap and free.. if you loose them, just go to LowYatt rubbish bin and dig out some spoiled HDD. (I did that last time to DIY fuel savers.. hahaha)

Oh yeah.. forgot to add… You need to stick this on  Oil Filter… The oil filter is at the bottom most of your engine bay.. You can see it by looking down after the Intake Manifold.

Happy DIYing..