DeskStudio Photography

Photographing small objects can be tricky, especially to isolate that object from other things in the background. To have the image shot from the top all the time tends to be a little boring.

How about making your own Mini DeskStudio? Using just an A4 paper!

DIY DeskStudio photography

As you can see, the A4 paper is rested on the desk with the back supported on the wall of the cubicle. Picture was taken with natural lighting and later was post process to increase the brightness.

Miniature perfume and a Shot Glass

Toy cars

Power Tubes that generate electricity

The Red/White pill or the Red/White pill? The choice is yours

Miniature potted money plant….

That’s it. A DIY Mini Desk Studio with just an A4 paper. You can even use any type of camera including camera phone to get these awesome shots using this DIY.

Happy Shooting! (With a camera that is)