International Adapter Extension

I had a few Apple products along the way and it’s adapter were mostly not 3-pin standard plugs. Obviously because I got them from China and US which comes with a 2-pin flat tongs.
Original accessories from Apple are super expensive, here’s an alternative
Previously for my iPod adapter (Bought it separately for my iPod Video 30G in China) I got the 3 pin convertor included along with 2 pin round tong and the China standard flat tongs.
3 Pin convertor for Apple adapters
Since I just got my new Apple Toy last night and I wanted to quickly charge it… As it came from US, the plug will not fit in the wall. So, I borrowed a cable from my Sony PSP adapter, plug it in and it was DONE!
These are standard 2 pin cables for low voltage devices you can find around the house. Travel Iron, Water heater, Radio, Speakers… Or, if you buy it off shelf, it cost only < RM 5.00.
AND wait, that’t more.
It also extends the cables, so you can plug it to the wall to charge your device while you play with it on the BED!!
Simple, Cheap, Fast DIY to safe you a trip to the store!!