3D printed Swiss Army key chain

Swiss Army knife is the companion for Outdoor lovers, Adventure seekers and DIY enthusiasts for many years. Won’t it be cool if the Swiss Army knife opens out keys instead of knifes and tool? These days there are ready made kit to convert your keys to swiss army style key chains, however it is kinda pricey.

Check out this video

KakiDIY made our own using our newly built 3D printer 🙂
The 3D STL files can be downloaded from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:92847

Here’s the plates during printing process

Printing done and ready to be lifted off the print bed

It took around 1 hour 20 minutes to print this out and used 13grams of PLA filament

Here’s all you need. 1 pair of Swiss Army style plates, 3 pairs of M3 screws and nuts.

Just slot in the nuts into position and screw the screw all the way in.

Position your keys. To have a more consistent swiss blade style, do position all the key “teeth” facing inwards.

If you don’t have enough keys to balance up the height of the keys, you can add in some washers.

Here’s how it looks like when its done. With the keys drawn out.

Here’s how it will look like with the keys kept inside like a Swiss Army knife.