DIY Voltage Stabilizer Circuit

Voltage Stabilizer Circuit

I had this unit of Deizin Voltage Stabilizer. Which was installed in my old car and will be installed over to another car. As I was taking this unit out, I found out that the circuit looked simple.. so I decided to trace the circuit to be able to remake one with a higher capacitor for even more stable electric current.

Picture showing the Unit itself… It is around 1 year old and still functioning well. (I tested using Multimeter). It looked clean because I just cleaned it using SOFT99 car polish.. hehehe teehee.gif


After disacting it… whistling.gif hmm.. looks too simple…
1 resistor
1 capacitor
2 fuse
4 Huge Capacitors


Looking at the Circuit. So simple.. So I got a piece of paper and started to trace it..


OH yeah.. DONE… This is the draft…


And here is the Schematics of the circuit…

Theorically, it should work the same since the circuit is the same.. The +ve volt will go to the circuit, protected by the Fuse (incase it shorted, it will disable current from going thru) and charge up the Capacitors. Once charged, I tested using Multimeter, it shows 12.5 Volts… and when I remove this from the battery, the charge will slowly reduce down to 0volt.. takes around 4 – 5minutes with the load of the multimeter.

I will head to the nearest Electronic shop and cook this up. So for now, this is PART 1.