KakiDIY on BFM 89.9

KakiDIY is honoured to have BFM 89.9 the business station interviewing our founder Johnson Lam on KakiDIY and the KakiRepair movement.

Johnson Lam KakiDIY BFM Radio
Johnson Lam KakiDIY in BFM 89.9 – The Business Station

Johnson shared about how KakiDIY was formed, why repair and diagnosing skills are so important and why KakiRepair is needed.

This was aired on BFM 89.9 station on Monday 18th June 3:00pm and repeat on Sunday 24th June 4:00pm or you can catch the podcast here on BFM’s Podcast page – https://www.bfm.my/dont-lose-it-reuse-it