KakiDIY MakerVan and KakiRepair on Vulcan Post!

Our MakerVan, a mobile maker space complete with tools and solar panels for self sustainability was featured on Vulcan Post! More after the jump >>>

Roaming around in a modified van, Johnson drives across Malaysia to eliminate the DIY entry barrier by conducting face-to-face classes—absolutely free.

KakiRepair encourages people to fix their broken stuff instead of just throwing them away. Eventually, he hopes that the movement will gain a life of its own without a need for his intervention, but for now he still takes an active role in each session.

Johnson has been making his way across both Klang Valley and Penang over the past 8 months to help inspire more DIYers.

This is all done on what the Johnson calls their MakerVan—a remodeled 1995 Mitsubishi Delica. It was fixed to have the basic fittings of a mobile maker space, with Johnson personally DIY-ing a few attachments to organise tools.

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