Inovasi Hijau : KakiDIY’s TV show on National TV

KakiDIY’s Inovasi Hijau on RTM Catchup TV Website : MyKLIK

In collaboration with cCubeTV, KakiDIY scripted and our founder Johnson Lam together with Malaysia’s popular TV Host/Actress Juliana Evans hosted a 13 episode edutainment TV show. 

It was aired in late June 2018 weekly, every Friday on TVOkey or ASTRO 109 by National TV Channel RTM. Although the season is over now, viewers can still watch it via catchup TV link

The TV Series is all about upcycling and recycling everyday found junks to be made into furnitures. Yes, this season is all about house hold furnitures. There’s a Major project, a mini project and eco tip section in every episode. There’s also ample tips and tricks given by the hosts during the projects.