DIY Tinting of 3rd Brake Lights

Tinting 3rd Brake Lights

Some cars came with just plain, translucent 3rd brake lights. There are many creative colours out there where you can tint them into. Some people like them smoked with dark tints, some are more creative with colours. Whatever it is, just make sure that the 3rd brake lights are visible and still maintain it RED to serve it’s purpose.

Here’s the visual guide on how to make your own tinted 3rd brake lights. Continue reading “Tinting 3rd Brake Lights” »


Cleaning Air Con Filter

Cars these days mostly comes with air-con filters to protect dust and other unwanted particles to enter the air-con system such as cooling coils, fan blowers and the vents. Which maybe labour intensive to get them cleaned.

The replacement filter may be blocked over time causing air-con to be blowing less air or at times even warmer than normal. Replacement filters are usually not hard to find and they may be costly depending on the popularity of your car.

However, where are ways to clean them for FREE. Let’s get started >> Continue reading “Cleaning Air Con Filter” »