Introducing : KakiRepair

#KakiRepair is a Movement to encourage people to fix their own stuff* rather than just throwing them away.

Concept is simple, communities bring in the items needed to be fixed, everyone will diagnose it together (with the help of DIY Gurus) and You will learn what’s the problem and how to fix it and…. you guessed it, you will fix it with the tools available at the KakiRepair workshops**.

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Of tinkerers, innovators and creators [The Star]

The Star Online 10th April 2017

The maker movement is slowly but surely growing in Malaysia with more DIY communities coming together.

EGG cartons and ice-cream sticks were just some of the stuff three students from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) needed to make a working drone.

The DIY drone, powered by a motherboard and motor from an unused drone, lifted off the ground to cheers from the crowd.

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MyMaker SEA Makerthon 2016

Date : 8th October – 9th October 2016
Location : myMaker IOT LAB, MCMC HQ (Old Building)
Title : Managing Waste in Today’s World
Theme : Consumer Electronics in Circular Economy

Event details :

Hack our way towards smarter consumer electronics that will serve multi purpose, reused as other products or proactively manage waste! Think circular economy as junks are piling up and lots of resources are wasted making and using our day to day consumer electronics products.

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