MyMaker SEA Makerthon 2016

Date : 8th October – 9th October 2016
Location : myMaker IOT LAB, MCMC HQ (Old Building)
Title : Managing Waste in Today’s World
Theme : Consumer Electronics in Circular Economy

Event details :

Hack our way towards smarter consumer electronics that will serve multi purpose, reused as other products or proactively manage waste! Think circular economy as junks are piling up and lots of resources are wasted making and using our day to day consumer electronics products.

Take up the challenge to come up with smarter products that will reduce waste or reuse wastes. Those who are good at programming can come and create a next gen waste tracking app.

Some readings on Circular Economy :

– 2nd Life
Give waste a 2nd Chance. Upcycle, reverse engineer and rebuild old consumer electronics into something useful. Old computers into gaming console?

– Waste into Energy
Ceiling fan into wind electric generators? Extracting biochemical from electronic waste to be made into new source of energy perhaps?

– Track & Trace those Waste
Smart tracking and IoT comes into play if we wanna know where these waste are going. Smart dustbins? Waste detection app or sensors? Make your imagination into a reality.

Who Should Join:
– Anyone aged 16 and above
– Those with (or without) crafting, electronic, art making, any type of building skills
– Makers, Hackers, Tinkerers, People who like to break stuff and make stuff
– Fun seekers who like to meet like minded Makers

Benefits of Joining:
– Grand prize to Singapore + Attractive Prizes
– Exposure to South East Asia Maker’s community
– Real Hardware making Hackathon (Real products been made)
– Focused on Circular Economy (Solving everyday problems)
– Exposed to Business Modeling and other Masterclasses

Additional Perks :
– Goodie bags for all
– Lucky Draw (Something for everyone!)
– Food and Beverages all day long
– Fully Air Con event space, Free Parking, Toilet+Shower Room, Gym, Surau provided (For your comfort)

These are some of the items that will be provided in myMaker IOT Lab:
– 10x 3D Printers
– 2 x Laser cutters
– Hand tools
– Soldering tools
– Multimeter
– Power supply sets
– Cardboard boxes
– Stationary, Scissors, Cutters, Masking tape

Here are some example projects:

Bring : Electric Water kettle
Make : Water kettle that will heat water, charge phone and a new efficient design that the kettle can be turn into after its end of life.
Result : A smarter water kettle that served multi purpose

Bring : Damaged toy cars, LED torch light, rechargeable batteries.
Make : Wind mill out of plastics, hook up motors from the toy car to the LEDs and recharging batteries
Result : Solar powered Windmill

Bring : Dustbin/bucket, Raspberry Pi, Sensors (Switch, Sonar, etc)
Make : App to intelligently track and trace types of wastes used
Result : IoT Waste bin to track different type of wastes.

Mechanics :
– Only RM 20 per pax (Only RM10 for Students with valid student ID)
– Form a team of no more than 4 (Or find a team on event day)
– Bring your own electronic junks + potential supporting hardware
E.g. Old stand fan, computer, electronic gadgets… to be broken down and made into your creation.
Note: Please do not start building your end product before the event (Judging will be based on the team’s progress during event day)
– The Makerthon is a 2 day event. Here’s the high level agenda.
Day1 (8th Oct : 8am – 9pm) – Registration, Event Launch, Masterclasses, Forming Teams, Project Planning, Prototype sketches, and start building
Day2 (9th Oct : 8am – 6pm) – Finalising build, Mentors giving input, Pitch practice, Judging and Prize Giving

Grand Prize:
RM 2,000
+ flying into Singapore for Finals!
+ myMaker IOT Lab Membership
+ Goodie Bags

1st Runner up:
RM 1000
+ myMaker IOT Lab Membership
+ Goodie Bags

2nd Runner up:
RM 500
+ myMaker IOT Lab Membership
+ Goodie Bags