MC Arts & Crafts

As part of KakiDIY’s community outreach, one of our focus in 2015 was to assist, incubate and accelerate entrepreneurs and startups. Since the Maker Faire 2014 in Penang last year, KakiDIY saw a potential in a talented DIY craft maker who likes to share the creation with family and friends. Through some mentoring, collaborating in showcase events and some sales booth, MC Arts & Craft was founded.

MC Art Logo

Meet May Chan, the person and name behind MC Arts & Craft. It was her passion in DIY and recycling old cloths, clothes and daily items into arts and craft that motivated her to share her creation and products with the world. KakiDIY was used as a platform to reach out to the community for MC Art.

Besides doing sales and show case, May also runs art making classes, example “Pandan Flower Making Class” during her roadshows and in her flea market stalls.

Here are some of her works :






KakiDIY is proud to help incubating and accelerated the growth of MC Arts and Craft. Do check them out in Penang, usually every month end in Upper Penang Road or stay tuned with them online at their Facebook page.

Note : If you are interested in any of their crafts, they do online sales via the Facebook too, just PM the page.

Visit them at their Facebook page :