Cooler AirCon for Free

Do you sometimes feel that your car aircon gets very hot in traffic jams? But it’s ok when it’s moving?

This is what you need… Insulflex (or any brand) foam tube.

This is usually used in Home/Office aircon units to protect the piping from heat and to keep the chilled gasses from the compressor to the aircon blower. 

I found this in a construction yard during lunch.. so it’s FREE

Next, locate where your car’s AirCon piping is. It is easy to spot, usually with a refill cap on it and it will be filled with water and cold after you stop your engine from a hot drive. 

Carefully slice the Insulflex tubing open. Use scissors for cleaner cut… I used knife, so it’s rough… 

Wrap it around the tube, anywhere that is exposed. 

Just follow the pipe and go all the way to the compressor. Careful not to let the hose touch any belting or pulley.

Cable tie it… Make sure you have the whole pipe covered, and you are DONE!


After effects… Air Con noticeably cools down faster in hot weather, in heavy traffic jam and air con compressor does not need to work so hard (tik tak tik tak in slow traffic)… 

Since it’s next to no cost at all… Why not give it a try?