Fix It! With Me.reka Makerspace

KakiDIY’s Kakirepair is teaming up with Biji-Biji’s Me.reka Makerspace inconjunction with their Fix It! weekend to run our first KakiRepair in 2019.

It will be happening on Jan 12th (Saturday) and Jan 13th (Sunday) in Me.reka Makerspace Publika, from 2pm – 4pm (KakiRepair Session). Do check out all other interesting activities that weekend as well.

Hello Future - Fix It

Quote from Me.reka’s website : “We’re entering the second week of 2019 – are you still holding onto things in the past? Welcome change by fixing things up; whether it’s upcycling, fixing your habits, or opening your mind to new experiences and perspectives.” This is totally aligned with what KakiDIY’s initiatives are. Hence we clicked! More info in their website :

and more about KakiRepair :


MyMaker SEA Makerthon 2016

Date : 8th October – 9th October 2016
Location : myMaker IOT LAB, MCMC HQ (Old Building)
Title : Managing Waste in Today’s World
Theme : Consumer Electronics in Circular Economy

Event details :

Hack our way towards smarter consumer electronics that will serve multi purpose, reused as other products or proactively manage waste! Think circular economy as junks are piling up and lots of resources are wasted making and using our day to day consumer electronics products.

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The Star : Rocking with robots

The Star interviewed KakiDIY about the Maker Movement in Robotics. Quoted from The Star “If classes are still not an option, there is always the Internet, says Johnson Lam, the founder of the KakiDIY group.

“Self learning is the cheapest way. There are many online sites that help beginners to get the basics,” says Lam. He suggests checking out www.instructables.comand”

Source :

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